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5 reasons why you should deep clean your home in autumn...

We're all familiar with doing a spring clean in the home, but have you ever done an autumn clean? Experts say it can be an essential way to achieve a healthier winter.

With a drop in temperature and the heating on, fabrics in the home can be a haven for the germs, bacteria, mould, and mites that thrive in our warm winter environments, and it takes just a few simple steps to help to increase chances of a healthy winter and keep seasonal bugs at bay.

When it comes to the bedroom, Sara Wadsworth from The Fine Bedding Company says: 'Keeping duvets and pillows clean is easier than most people think, especially with products that fit into a domestic washing machine and can be washed at 60°C.

'Of course, studies also show that good quality sleep is also a line of defence in the battle against winter viruses, keeping immune systems working at optimum levels. And if you do get ill, then bed rest is essential – but don't forget to clean bedding as well as covers and sheets when better!'Follow these essential steps for an effective autumn clean.

Follow these essential steps over the next few blogs for an effective autumn clean....

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