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How often can you clean my premises?

We can clean as often as you need. We have a number of clients that require attention a number of times each day and then we have clients who only require our cleaning services once or twice a month. We are entirely flexible to your needs. We can help you to decide a cleaning schedule during our initial visit. Call 01332 422242 or email to arrange a visit.

Can you clean just our reception area?

Yes, you decide how much or how little we do! When we visit you we will take a note of all your requirements, these aren’t set in stone so if at any time you need more or less cleaning then you can either talk to your cleaner(s) or call our team on 01332 422242.

What tasks will the cleaners perform?

All general cleaning tasks like, dusting, hoovering, washing down walls and skirting boards, kitchen, washroom and reception areas. We are very flexible and take a note of all your requirements when we do the initial visit. If at any time you need a specific task simply ask your cleaner or call your dedicated customer service team on 01332 42 22 42.

Do you use our cleaning equipment or your own?

We use your cleaning equipment. If you think about the variety of premises we clean, clinics, pubs, restaurants, offices, manufacturing units… if we use the same cleaning materials across the board we would spread germs from place to place. However, we do work closely with a janitorial supplies company who we are happy to recommend and will take care of your stock levels. Our cleaners are used to feeding back to the janitorial company when stocks are running low.

How quickly can we have a cleaner?

After we have visited your premises to ascertain your cleaning requirements we can usually start your cleaner within the week, if you need a cleaner more urgently then please let us know and we will do our best to meet your time scales.

Are the cleans insured?

Yes all our cleans are insured £5 million against public liability insurance and accidental damage to your property.

Do you run checks on your cleaners?

Yes we reference check all our cleaners, visiting them in their own home and we have police checked cleaners available upon request.

Are your cleaners self employed?

Yes all our cleaners are self employed, we have a stringent vetting procedure and have cleaners who have been with us for over 12 years. We have over 65 cleaners in our bank, they choose the amount of hours they wish to work, which works really well for clients and cleaners alike.

What happens if I need to change what the cleaners are doing?

Speak to us, we have a dedicated client support team who are there to iron out any hiccups and are intent on making sure we provide the best possible cleaning service. You can call the team on 01332 422242 or email the support team are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm

How long are we tied into a cleaning contract for?

At Workplace Cleaners Ltd we don’t believe in tying clients into long cleaning contracts, we operate a 30 day notice period.

What happens if I am unhappy with the service?

Speak to us, we have a dedicated client support team who are there to iron out any hiccups and are intent on making sure we provide the best possible cleaning service. You can call the team on 01332 422242 or the team are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

I have a special event can you send me more cleaners?

Yes! Let us know as far ahead of the event as you can and we will make sure cleaning is the last thing on your mind during the special event.

How many cleaners will you send me?

That depends on how much cleaning time you require and your preferences. We can provide a single cleaner or cleaning teams – what would you prefer?

Do you have a minimum cleaning time?

Yes, our minimum cleaning time is 4 hours. Whilst our cleaners are very hard working they do a thorough job and that takes time! It is rare for commercial cleaning clients to require less time than this, but if you do, it is still worth chatting to us. Call 01332 422242 or email

Do you conduct a risk assessment?

Yes, if you require a risk assessment please speak to us at your initial visit or call us on 01332 422242 or email

Do you clean washrooms and toilets?

Yes we clean all areas of a commercial premises.

Do you do out of hours cleaning so we are not disturbed?

Yes, we try to clean when it will be the least disruptive to you and your business.

Can my cleaner be a key holder?

Yes, we have a number of Police checked cleaners who are used to the responsibility of making sure the building is secure, setting alarms and other security measures. Procedure training will be required from you or one of your team.

Can you clean my home as well?

Yes, we have a sister company, Time For You Derby that will be able to assist you with this, call 01332 422242 or email and we will arrange a home cleaning service for you too.

What happens if my cleaner goes on holiday or is ill?

We will provide a replacement cleaner/cleaners who will step in and make sure your premises remain spick and span.

Do you clean carpets?

No, but we may be able to recommend a local reliable carpet cleaning firm, please 0133242 2242 or email

Do you have a cross contamination policy?

Yes, please talk to us when we conduct the initial visit and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a bespoke cross contamination policy.

Do you clean windows?

Inside yes, the rule of thumb is no higher than 2 steps.
We can recommend a specialist window cleaning company contact us on 01332 42 22 42 or email

Can you do a one off clean?

Yes, we are quite often asked to provide a bit of extra support especially for community sites like churches, community centres and things like office moves. Whatever your reason for requiring a one off clean, please contact us on 01332 422242 or email

Will the cleaner empty the bins and shredder?

Yes, we can empty bins and shredders and remove the waste to a centrally stored container on your premises. We regret we do not take the waste off site.

Will the cleaner do the washing up?

Yes if you would like them too, please bear in mind this may eat into your cleaning time unless it is included in the cleaning schedule. You can increase your cleaning amount at any time simply call 01332 422242 or or alternatively talk directly with your cleaner.

Can I meet my cleaner(s) before they start?

Yes, in some cases it is very sensible to show your cleaner(s) around, explain what will be required and where the cleaning equipment is stored.

What happens if I encounter a bit of an issue with our cleaner?

Talk to us, we can help. Contact your dedicated client support team, during office hours on 01332 422242 or